Dreaming of electric sheep.




Brute wyverns coated with an explosive green substance. The material is thought to be a unique myxomyceteβ€”or slime moldβ€”that is primed to explode by the Brachydios’s own saliva. Note that these crafty creatures can also deliver powerful foreleg strikes.

I love this fight

My first complete armor and my current G Rank Armor are from him. Also my best Dual Blades are from him.

Anonymous said: its not your fault, its mine. i tend to do that a lot

Let both take the blame and move on. Talk to me whenever you want.

Anonymous said: i know and sometimes i forget that you're here :/

If you forget that I am here then I am sorry. That is entirely my fault.

Anonymous said: hi, long time. no talk

Hello there. I am always here willing to talk.