Dreaming of electric sheep.

Anonymous said: Yeah. Well I would normally give easy clues, this time I don't what to give it away. But maybe I'll talk to you later

I really do hope so.Β 

Anonymous said: Yea, it's pretty good. But I'm going to head to bed now cause it's getting late. But it was nice talking to you, it's been a while. (If that gives you any clue[probably not])

No. Not really any clue. It should not be a while and I should know who you are. Or at least get more clues. I am sure that I miss you. But anyway. Good night. Have a great day tomorrow.

Anonymous said: It's dramatically played up for views. But I quite enjoy Gordon Ramsay. And the show itself isn't half bad

I understand. Glad to know you are enjoying it, then.

Anonymous said: Just watching Hell's Kitchen. (I don't know if you got it the first time, I may have hit the ask limit)

I got it just now. Is the show any good?

Anonymous said: I think anon is good for now Xx

Alright. As you wish. So what are you up to?

Anonymous said: Well, just thought it would be nice to see how you were doing. ~From a not-so-stranger

I appreciate your concern. Perhaps you should come off anon and talk some more? That would be nice.

Anonymous said: Just take a small breather. The more frustrated you get, the harder it will be for you to control it!! And I'm pretty good! :)

Oh, I just shut the system off. I will play some other time. I am glad to know you are good. :D

Anonymous said: Sup?

Getting frustrated over a video game. What about you, kind stranger?